Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tax Incentives Are A MAJOR Benefit To Working From HOME

Many people overlook this very important benefit but it can make a huge difference for you come Income Tax Day. Running a business out of your home can save you up to $5,000 or more on your taxes every year.

Here are just some of the things you can write off:

--- Your business start-up costs
--- A portion of your house payment or rent
--- A portion of your utilities
--- Car expenses
--- Travel
--- Meals
--- Vacations
--- Mobile phone
--- Magazine subscriptions
--- Child care
--- Telephone bills
--- Entertainment
--- Office equipment (need a new computer?)
--- Software
--- Bank fees

The list goes on. Many of these things you have and pay for anyway. But when you operate MCA
from your home, they become a tax write off automatically.

You can even pay your kids to work for you and write it off. Now that's a smart way to save for college.

I can promise you this: having a home-based business with us at MCA will help keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket instead of The Tax Man's.

MCAhttp://join-mca.com/lhankins has tremendous tax advantages:

Go and get started and if you still haven't even watched the overview details go now.  You will NEVER find an opportunity as solid and predictable as this anywhere.

The TOP 2 Reasons to get started with us are:

-Weekly Pay
-Over $150,000 worth of benefits for $19.95 or less

Try and find anything else on the internet that has those 2
benefits alone..

It won't happen.

Trust me, I've looked.

So, now you can quit your search and get started today!

Get Started Today


To Your Success,

LaKeisha Hankins
Life Coach & Internet Marketer

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