Monday, October 29, 2012

(Live @ 9PM) You Are A Wussy If.... always quit things and never finish them.

You always look for reasons outside of yourself
as to why things didn't work.

You always cry and complain as to why things
didn't work out.

You look for the government to take care of you.

You don't take a stand and fight for what you
believe in.

You lie and never keep your end of the commitment
especially when things get uncomfortable.

You give in to weak, negative thoughts.

You never bet on YOURSELF.

But hey....

.....I've got great news for ya.

I've got the power to HELP YOU
delete your inner wussy.

That's if you haven't already gotten mad at me
and cursed me out.

And don't be mad.

I'm just stating the facts.

I was a wussy once too.

LOL, we've all been there before.

Here's what you have to do...

....and you MUST do it in this order.

1. Go here and join my team so I can
help you delete the Inner Wussy.

It only costs $25 so what do you
have to lose?

It's a process to delete the Inner Wussy
so it ain't happening over
night. But this IS the 1st step.

2. Get on the Empower Hour Call tonight

All I can say is that Dave Wood and Dave
Sharpe are back from Singapore and when
I expect that they are ON FIRE and ready to
lay out the game plan...

....just trust me you DON'T want to miss
this call.

Phone: (712) 432-0900, Pin: 260326#

I HIGHLY recommend calling in about
5-10 minutes early.

I'll see you there!

- LaKeisha Hankins
Life Coach & Internet Marketer

P.S. Don't be that person that had a chance
to stop being a wussy but waited another
6-12 months and realized I've been right all along.

I've been there before and these are the steps I
took to delete my Inner Wussy by getting started

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