Meet LaKeisha

I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Recently moved to Georgia but I love to visit home and love on my family whenever I can.

I studied Accounting in college.

I am a Proud MOMpreneur of 4 beautiful girls, Wife, Internet Entrepreneur, & Certified Life Reposition Coach.

I discovered the Network Marketing Industry over 7 years ago and I tried many companies, failed miserably before I discovered the secrets of making money on the Internet.

I love Personal Growth and I am passionate about reaching my goals and I am risk taker because you only have one life to live so why not live life!

I am absolutely transparent~ authentic.

My purpose is to Empower, Encourage, Inspire others to discover the purpose and follow their passion and their dreams.

To help YOU recognize that they already have everything inside them they just need to get clear, focused and go for it!

Become Your Best You & Exude Your Radiance!!!

Your Friend,

LaKeisha Hankins