Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Get What You Want In Life

How to Get What You Want In Life

You’re really getting fed up with the job “rat race” and are planning on throwing in the towel and starting your own personal business.  All of your friends keep advising you that you could get paid good money now for you are currently doing for your boss. Why shouldn’t you make money from your opinions rather than him?

And you are really considering this idea, because you keep looking at your income goals and know that it would take forever to become financially free if you rely solely on your paycheck, but you are wondering what business to even start with?

Before you decide to pack for the reason that weekly salary, it is now time to judge yourself as well as your future also it takes some real, lower to heart honesty. You need to improve your existence for that better, so we begin.

Are you aware that you will discover the opportunity to evolve into the person you desire to be?  Individuals have different awareness from the ideal existence, Sadly, though many people neglect to achieve their goals and aspirations because they have a lack of clarity or just have simply stopped dreaming, because they don’t believe it is possible or don’t know where to start.

It’s time to go on a journey of discovery, grab a pen and paper and take the next couple of days to start journaling here are some tips to get started.

 Be Specific – Write down a list of exactly what you want, think of your passions and your hearts desire, no matter how crazy the idea may sound or lavish write it down in detail and be very specific. What excites you? If money was no option what you do, be or have more of in your life?

When you are done with your list circle 3 to 5 goals that you would like to work on, circle the ones that appeal to you the most. This process should be done with your heart and without judgment, you will need to silent the negative thoughts that arise and follow your hearts desire in this process. However definitely be realistic and make sure it is definitely something you can achieve. For example if you wanted to play basketball for the Lakers and you are pass your
20’s it is a great possibility that is not going to happen. But maybe you can do something else in that arena, such as volunteer for a youth group, or become a team coach.

You will also have some dream naysayers, be encouraged to follow Your Heart, you have the final say so, you can’t live your life for others, because at the end of the day you will fill unfilled and empty and it is not a great feeling. It is time to focus on what you want, not what others think you should do with your life.

From this day forward, I want you to remember that you only have one life to live, so play time is over. It’s time to take action and taking action is what manifests results.

Spend the next couple of day’s getting clear on what you want and write an action plan that you can implement.

It’s important that you also obtain an accountability partner or coach that will be able to push, encourage and hold you accountable to reaching your goals, especially when you hit road blocks or feel discouraged.

In conclusion of the efforts might be later on, but you’re living every day if you take steps toward that outcome.

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