Friday, September 7, 2012

How creating meaning from nothing made me $33,000 in 2 hours :)

This is Powerful!1

it possible that as
 you read this, there
may be a hidden power, guiding you
to the right path - the right decision,
and in this moment - you're in the 
right place, at the right time?
For one second - I want you to 
remember a time in your life... that
perhaps something happened to you,
something unexpected, and in one
moment - you were filled with an
insight, made a decision, and it
altered the course of your life.
Got it?
I'm going to teach you, in 5 minutes,
how you can create any meaning,
from any experience - and use that
meaning to create whatever you want,
whenever you want in life.
I used this concept to make $33,000
in 2 hours, the first time I spoke at
an event...
...I used this same concept to increase
my check by 25% this month...
...and you can now use this power - this
hidden ability inside your mind, as you
remember this experience - when in one
moment your life transformed...
...and maybe you can even do that
And look out for day 3!
info from my mentor @ David Wood
LaKeisha Hankins
Life Coach & Network Marketing Professional
P.S.  As you read this post, I want you
to pay attention to what you see on the
page... watch, and look for something.
If you see it, you're almost there :)

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