Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What Can Empower Network Do For You????

So What Is Empower Network???
Everywhere you look people are talking about Empower Network.  You are probably wondering what in the world is Empower Network and what can it do for you.

The short answer is! It could change your life! 


Internet marketing is HUGE right now. Everybody that is alive is setting up their own blog. There are approximately 17 million blogs, and that number is growing. People are using the internet to brand themselves and their businesses, and to earn affiliate income too.  If you have a business you must have a blog, Don't you agree?

But with so many blogs and websites out there, how is the newbie marketer going to be able to survive and get there message out there.

That’s where the Empower Network comes in!

Empower Network is a direct sales program (NOT an MLM) designed to help more people  really make money, in fact, 100% commission into their hands immediately.  That means people can now have positive cash flow in their businesses.  That means that even the newbie can follow the system and the training and breakeven if nothing more.  It means EVERYONE has a chance to win!

The Empower Network is a collective group of entrepreneurs, leveraging the efforts of each other to generate residual income month after month, after month.  It’s an entire ‘plug and play’ viral blogging and marketing system that will help you keep your business simple, easy and lucrative.  Really lucrative.

With Empower Network nothing can stand in your way of Making Money.. You Make 100% Commission. 

What Do You Get?

Here are the Membership Levels The Empower Network Offers 100% Commissions from:

Basic Empower Network Membership ($25 / monthly)

Includes basic access to the ‘core checklist’ fast start training, a viral blogging and marketing system and the ability to earn monthly $25 commissions instantly deposited into my bank account from members who join at the basic level.

The ‘Inner Circle’ Membership ($100 / monthly)

Includes access to the ‘ Inner Circle’ training library and the ability to earn monthly $100 commissions instantly deposited into my bank account from members who join the ‘Inner Circle’. This is a goldmine!  No matter what, if you want to learn how to market, where to market, how to increase sales, etc, having access to this inner circle is the only way you are going to do it.  Disclaimer: Don’t try to stay at the $25 level, AND BUG YOUR SPONSOR TO DEATH about all the exact things you would learn as a member of the inner circle.  Be your own boss, take control of your success.  If you are going to take an action step, be serious about the step and get busy!

The Costa Rica Intensive Training ($500 / one time)

Access to the entire ‘Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive’ video series delivered in high definition, and the ability to earn one-time $500 commission instantly deposited into my bank account from members who purchase the ‘Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive’ video series.  This is the video of a private mastermind retreat David did at his home in Costa Rica where each attendee paid $2997 to enter, and still had to pay for airfare and other travel arrangements.  YOU, on the other hand, have the chance to access this training and witness the breakthroughs and gain insider knowledge of really being successful in this business for a 1-time $500.  If you don’t see the benefits of this now, just wait.  Once you get your membership, you’ll soon get the picture! :)

The $15K/Mo Formula Training ($997 / one time):

(By the way, this is Hands-down The Most Comprehensive and USEFUL Training I’ve EVER experienced online!!!)

    You’ll be taken inside the secret ‘Scientific’ money getting methods of the rich, and be shown a process, and have a formula shown to me that literally, will walk me through the step by step process of how you can create instant, daily cash flow ‘on demand’ in any business…

    Discover the quickest, shortest way to generate leads in your very first week. Follow this step-by-step blueprint and virtually guarantee your success with the $15k Formula

    Bonus Strategy #1… Social Media Advertising:
With Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google, you can build an online Empire on a limited budget. We’ll show you the step-by-step ‘Van Man’ method of creating wealth on demand.

    Bonus Strategy #2… Solo Ad Mastery: Where to place your ads… what to say, and more. This single method can be used to build an opt in email list of 1,000 prospects a day – even if you’re brand new. You’ll learn how you can start getting 1,000 leads a day, within 90 days or less.

    Bonus Strategy #3… Offline Profit Mastery: How to scale your advertising where there’s no competition, and grow a ‘buyer’s list’ from Magazine Ads, direct mail, and more. This is the secret to growing your business ‘competition free’ and be completely hands free…

One of the main problems internet marketers face is lack of marketing knowledge. As a new marketer, you need to learn how to market! The Empower Network offers you Fast Start Training by video. There is little left to chance, so that you learn how to market. The videos tell you EXACTLY what to do! The Empower Network has weekly conference calls designed to train you as a marketer… from the BEST internet marketer in the world!

As a new marketer, you are almost guaranteed to not make any money your first few months.
Can you imagine the feeling of getting paid NOW?!
100% Commissions

Also on top of that we have the DREAM TEAM, this is our Private Facebook Group, that adds 
value to your Success. I have NEVER seen anything like it. Really A Group of Like Minded Individuals 
coming together to EMPOWER each other.
  • You will be able to tap into the knowledge, the training and marketing genius from all of the industry Leaders who have partnered with us.  We have top income network marketers on board, top producing affiliate marketers on board and top bloggers on board that are willing to assist you in our exclusive team community, regardless of the network marketing company you are in
  • As you take the time to learn HOW to market effectively, you have the ability to participate in our team Co-Op Program to help generate leads and sales for you in the short-term!
  • You will gain INSTANT access to our mastermind training sessions that are closed to the public and open ONLY to dream team members, where our fellow team members who have results will be sharing with you their secrets, tips and tricks to help you make money consistently with the Empower Network Dream Team!
  • Private support chat, where we work together
  • Our Daily, Mid-Day Motivational Calls
  • Recruiting Scripts 
  • Advertising Banners
  • Our 10-Step Success System
  • And so much more!!

ATL Mastermind Group 8/2/12

Are you ready to hit the ground running on the internet? Join me today in

the Empower Network...

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