Saturday, January 11, 2014

What Can Drop Ship Domination (DSD) Do For You?

So What Is DSD (Dropship Domination)???

Everywhere you look people are talking about making money on eBay or DSD.  You are probably wondering what in the world is DSD and what can it do for you.

The short answer is! It could change your life! 


DSD is a company that provides training where you learn how to drop ship and making money on eBay. The training is designed to help more people  really make money. It means EVERYONE has a chance to win!  The training has been put together by Roger Langille who has been a top seller on EBay almost 10 years and was doing more than 7 figures a year with this simple process. Training includes ideas on which products to post, how to post correctly and make profit whether you are new to selling on eBay or experienced. 

So what exactly is Dropshipping? Dropshipping is getting
 a product from a supplier (at lower cost) and listing the product on eBay to make profit. You don't have to inventory any products or worry about shipping or packaging, running to the post office etc.... as this is taken care of by the supplier (i.e. Amazon)

Our team also has a private community where we provide more training and help you grow your income! 

What Do You Get?  

The cost to get started today is only $19,95

You will be guided step by step how to create your account and list your very first item(s) on eBay. This covers uploading/adding images, titles, description and shipping.

List of DS Domination Pro Videos:
  • DS Domination Pro Overview
  • Moving forward with eBay drop-shipping
  • How to set up your eBay selling account
  • Outside the United States members information
  • Listing your first item
  • Products to avoid
  • Listing anatomy & adjusting product images
  • Speeding up your listing
  • Titles and more on the drop shipper spider
  • Critical information
  • International item location
  • Why 18% fail and the pitfalls to avoid
  • Shipping from Amazon
  • What if Paypal is holding my money
  • Customer returns
  • Lifting eBay limits
  • Multiple accounts on eBay
  • Resolving problem orders
  • Extra video caution
  • Titles key to success
  • eBay fee calculator
  • Amazon sales tax information

You also get access to these great tools and resources for starting your business:
  • DS Domination Amazon Scraper: A software tool that automates the Amazon research process.
  • DS Domination Automated Title Builder: A software tool that automates the Ebay title building process.
  • DS Domination Imager: A software tool that automates the Ebay imaging building process.
  • Sales Tracker Spreadsheet: Excel sales tracking spreadsheet configured to simplify your business.
This training is great, anyone who can copy and paste can do this.

DSD, also has an affiliate side, that is an extra stream of income!

For an additional $9.95 per month you can join the affiliate program where you can earn commissions on your downline. This is optional and is not required to earn in the program.

The Affiliate Side
  • Earn 10% on Level 2
  • Earn 5% on Level 3
  • Earn 3% on Level 4
  • Earn 2% on Level 5
  • Earn 1% on Level 6 to 10

So if you refer only 2 people, your system is free!
See how easy this is??
You are now ready to get started!! Simply sign up below and I will send you the information to help get you started! 

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