Saturday, August 4, 2012

Start A Home Business With MCA

Start A Home Business With MCA!

When I joined MCA, I must say the low start up cost is what attracted me.  I have been involved with many companies where the start up price ranged from $100 - $500 or even more and also included a monthly autoship of $100-$400 and that didn't even include what I would have to spend on marketing. You can start a home business with MCA for as little as  $20 or $40 ONE TIME Fee which and the monthly cost to become a member is $9.95 to $19.95 (the cost of the membership package).

I  was in a place where I needed to earn some extra income because I needed more financial security because I was trying to replace my corporate income with my life coaching business and I also knew that my job was going to be eventually closing because the writing was on the wall that the company was not going to be able to survive financially in this economy. I wanted to put myself in the position where I didn't have to return to the rat race and I could focus on my passion which is life coaching and helping others make money online.

So long story short, I got involved with MCA and I believe it is a great income for newbies in the industry that would like to earn some extra income, but not break the bank getting started.

MCA Benefits Provided: $19.95 (Total Security Package)

1) UNLIMITED 24/7 road side assistance
2) Towing up to 100 miles
3) Emergency Room Benefits
4) Hospitalization Benefits ($150 per day)
5) Bail Bond $25,000
6) Arrest Bond $500
7) Accidental Death Benefits (up to $50,000)
8) Hotel Discounts
9) Car Rental Discounts
10) Travel Planning
11) Travel Assistance
12) Dental Discounts
13) Prescription Discounts
14) Vision Care Discounts 

How We Get Paid!

Listen to this  4 minute pre-recorded call at (951) 262-1122

Starting a Home Business with MCA is simple, we get paid by referring others to join.

- Sign up for the benefits that I listed, which will cost ONLY $40.00* (ONE TIME FEE).
- Become an associate which is FREE.
- Start referring people IMMEDIATELY to make $80.00 per person.
- Keep referring people and keep making $80.00 off of every single person after ONLY spending $40 ONE TIME. 
-Payday is every Friday!!! 

Get Started Today!!

Starting a  home business with MCA is easy. First check out my MCA website join and also get your FREE MCA website to start sharing with your friends and family. Once you check out the site I will also followup with you personally to see if you have any questions.

Plus we get paid weekly on Friday and also earn residual pay.

We have great training and Facebook support groups in place to help you succeed in your MCA business.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and glad that I jumped on board because the average person can truly succeed. It's never too late for anyone to make more income from home. 

LaKeisha Hankins
Work At Home Agent

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