Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 Simple Keys to Staying Motivated In Your Business

Having a business is exciting, but lets face it, running your own business requires a lot of discipline and you have to learn to motivate yourself, even when you don't feel like doing it, even when the sales are low.  Do you remember when you first started your business, how exciting it was and then some where down the line  you lost your momentum or drive.  I want to share 3 Simple Keys to Staying Motivated In Your Business.

1. INSPIRATION. You have to be able to inspire yourself this is a fundamental part in improving yourself. It is important that you keep your motivation high in order to sustain interest in your business.

It's time for  a self check, it's time to take a honest look at your inspiration level. Are you excited about going to work or is it a mere obligation?  Maybe you are not a business owner yet full time, are you  just going to work to get a pay check?  You would be surprised that there are so many people stuck in jobs that are not fulfilling or in a business because it looks good on paper, but in reality they are not interested there is no fulfillment at the end of the day.

It is important that you are doing something that you are passionate about, because when you passionate, you have a sense of commitment and will be able to sustain doing the difficult times in your business.

These individuals will grow weary and uninterested pretty quickly because they have no
Now, let's say an individual does not like there work, then it is important that they take some time to think how they can re-focus and make some changes in the business, that would meet their needs or change the business up entirely.

2. SETTING GOALS. It is very important that you set goals as a business owner, this should consist of short and long-term goals.  if you do not set goal, you would have no definite purpose on exactly where you are going in your business and life. You have to know what journey to take.

It is very important that you take some time and put your goals in writing. If you are a business owner you should have a business plan in place. I know that sounds like a headache, but really a business plan is nothing more than goal and strategic planning for you business and having a budget. It is important also that you update your plan, maybe once a year especially if you make changes in your business.

Include “mini-goals” that can be accomplished in a matter of hours, days or weeks as well as the more ambitious “grand-goals” that may take years to complete. Refer to this plan throughout the year.

But can a business plan really help motivate you? Of course. Written goals will make you feel more professional and certainly more connected to your business. It will also free you from having to reinvent your business goals every single day.

3. NETWORKING. Another key factor in getting and staying motivated is networking with other small business owners, it is good to surround yourself with other like minded individuals. 

Being surrounded to be others who are also taking action in their business can be motivating and encouraging to one another.  You may also find someone you really connect with and become accountability partners.
Many successful entrepreneurs report that finding the right networking group was a turning point in the growth of the business. Working together, a networking group can help its members generate more qualified sales leads and solve problems faster and more efficiently.

Sharing ideas, expertise and experience is also an invaluable aspect of motivation and self improvement.
Your own personal team of business owners will help re-energize you when the burdens of running your own business seem too much.

With your networking team to rely on, you can accomplish more in less time and probably have more fun in the process. You will feel motivated to accomplish self improvement when you know you are not alone.

So it is important to be able to inspire yourself, set goals and network, this will help you stay motivated in your business and be able to sustain when the tough gets going or you lose momentum.

I hope that you found these tips helpful, if so please comment and share.


LaKeisha Hankins
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