Friday, June 1, 2012

Give People What They Want

Give People What They Want!

A successful business owner understands that in order to grow their business they have to give their customers what they want.
In order to meet your customers needs, wants are desires it starts with
1. Who is your target market?
2. What are their needs?
3.  What is your solution?
Starting your own business can be exciting, but is what is more exciting is generating profit.
So first thing first

Who is your target market?
 Write it out in a story give your customer a name; who is it that may be interested in your product ?  Here are some suggestions:
What is thier age, gender, what kind of income do they make, can they afford your product  or service? Where do they shop?
You need to be absoultey clear on who your customer is and where you will find them.
Who are you called to serve?  Take a minute and define your customer. This is the foundation of your business.
What are their needs?
Now that you are clear on who you are called to serve, who your target market is now is the time to right down their needs. Why do they need your product or service? What is their pain, what are they talking about?
If you don't get clear on what their needs are you can wase your time and money buy trying to sale your product or service to wrong person. When you are crystal clear on thier needs you don't have to sale them on your idea because they are already looking for you.

What is your solution?
Now that you have clearly defined who your customer is and what their concerns are problems are now you can offer them a valued solution  that solves thier problem.
When writing your campaign or creating your website you want to make sure your advertisement is compelling and speaks to your customer.
If your focusing on building your business online, as you should be then you want to make sure you are properly marketing YOU and your business. You never want to come across as hey buy from me. I have a great product , now gimmie your money.

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LaKeisha Hankins
Global Business Owner & Life Coach

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