Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How To Build A Business Using Social Media?

Are you in network marketing or direct sales and trying to use Social Media sites like Face Book, Twitter, and Ning sites to build your business and feeling stuck right now?

Are you online posting your links and banners and making new friends and sharing how awesome your product or service is and still not generating at least $200 a month and feel like your wasting time. Your family is looking at you like your just stuck on stupid, because there is No Revenue coming in. See I know the feeling and you are not alone. Trust me when I say I have been there and done that.

When I first joined this industry I was taught to get online post your link, banners and the business will come. Boys were they wrong. Yeah they came at first, but I guess that was just pure luck. The way I was marketing my business was a big No No! I was what most would call a SPAMMER! Yes I said it…but I know better now.

I didn’t give up though! If you’re like me you’re far from a quitter and willing to ride the waves because you know the business works, because you see others sitting at the top.

But you have to start using Social Media Marketing the correct way. It’s Time to stop trying to push your products and business down people’s throats!!

Are you ready to learn how people are really making the big money in this industry? They are leveraging sites like Twitter and Face Book!!!

Are you ready to learn the core skills needs to master Social Media? Check Out MLM Lead System Pro. Most people are charging and arm and a leg and want your first unborn. Lol.

I advise you to take advantage of the FREE training and learn how to generate more traffic, leads, and prospects.

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